The Need


Non-microbial cell culture is a fundamental research tool, widely used in over 80,000 labs worldwide in research and industrial applications.

Further, cell culture is becoming increasingly important in a variety of stem cell, regenerative medicine, personalized medicine and cell therapeutic applications.

Current methods are little changed from 60+ years ago, are a major bottleneck in research and therapeutics and do not lend themselves to reproducibility, scalability, or easy implementation of GMP/GLP practices.

The Solution


Thrive Bioscience is the first company to meet the need for automated, programmable cell culture & maintenance systems combined with extensive image capture & analytics, all within a closed incubation environment.

Thrive’s innovative systems provide reproducible protocols, scalable cell propagation, analytics and complete process history documentation with supporting images, all without the cells leaving the system’s tightly controlled environment

The Result


Thrive systems provide an interactive partnership between cell biologists/technicians and Thrive instruments to grow, maintain and manipulate cells, as well as conduct cell-based experiments with greater reproducibility, throughput, and supporting analytical information than previously possible.

Through automation, careful monitoring and analysis, Thrive systems remove causes of variation inherent in manual cell culture. Protocol steps such as reagent mixing & handling, media changes, passaging and analytics are carried out with consistent, precision process execution, all within a closed, tightly controlled environment.

Thrive systems are taking the art out of cell culture and delivering high quality science.

Analytics. Automation. Better Biology. ™