The Need

Cell culture and stem cell culture are neglected but critically important areas of bio-medical research, performed with little innovation in the last 65 years

Yet cell culture is becoming increasingly important in a variety of applications such as in vitro toxicology, infectious disease research, drug discovery, regenerative medicine, personalized medicine and cell therapies.

The current, primarily manual methods are not well-controlled and are a major bottleneck in research and therapeutics and do not lend themselves to reproducibility, scalability, or implementation of GLP/GMP practices.

The results of the problems in current culture:

  • Cells vary significantly in quality across labs and experiments
  • Cells suffer from high rates of mislabeling and contamination
  • Experiments are not comparable across labs and across time
  • Researchers spend hours daily manually looking at millions of cells
  • Processes are not documented and images not captured

And then… annually billions of dollars are spent unproductively on assays & instruments to study cells of variable & often poor quality!